December 2015


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! December was a busy month for the orphanage, and they will be glad to have January’s summer vacation to rest a bit after all of the hustle and bustle. The kids and house parents not only celebrated Christmas, but were a part of the high school’s anniversary, which is in December. Coupled with going out to visit the house church that the orphanage is helping to establish and receiving a new volunteer, December went by quickly!

At the beginning of the month the orphanage gratefully received a new volunteer from Canada, Annika. Annika came for a four month stay to help out and be a part of the orphanage family, and while having had to adjust to Peruvian life compared with a Canadian winter, she has come in with a heart to serve and learn.

They day after her arrival was immediately filled with a busy schedule; in the morning the staff went to the house church to spend time with Mariano and his wife Lucía, and afterwards they went straight to town and to the high school, where the orphanage band played a few songs as part of the festivities and the high school students from the orphanage danced traditional dances in a competition between classes and grade levels.

Later in the month, the orphanage prepared for Christmas, and like the year before the staff with the kids went up a nearby mountain to cut down some pines to serve as their Christmas trees. As is Peruvian tradition, they had a dinner on Christmas Eve with pasta, baked chicken, and a special dessert cake called Panetón that has small bits of raisins, papaya, and watermelon within it. The kids had a great time opening gifts and seeing what they received, as did the house parents!

A week later the orphanage celebrated the New Year, doing it the only way Peruvians know how- with a party! Everybody wore silly hats and accessories for the occasion, and at the end of the night the kids had a bonfire(don’t worry, the parents were supervising) to kick off 2016 with a bang. Not to be outdone, on January 3rd, David and Deysi gave birth to healthy twin girls, Abril and Mía. Talk about starting the year off right!

We pray that this year God will grow the orphanage, as after going through a period of remodeling, refreshing, and restarting, the orphanage is ready to take in more children. However, we can only do this with your help. Please consider sponsoring a child or speaking with someone you know who may be interested; this allows us to grow with the comfort of know that the resources are already in place. We pray that we will have teams come and spend time with us at the orphanage. We pray in 2016 that God would use the orphanage as a beacon in Cachora to grow His Church. We pray that His Glory would be known. Thank you for everything you do, and Happy New Year!

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