December 2016


Happy New Year! Even though December is a time for vacation and some R&R away from school in Peru, the orphanage stayed busy with a team from Birmingham, Alabama coming right after Christmas. Going into the New Year, we had a young man finish high school and leave, but we also have received a young girl in need. Despite the vacation from school, it’s been a busy time!

The first order of business at Christmas time for Village of the Children, like many places around the world, is to put up a Christmas tree. The kids duly did so by going up a nearby hillside and finding a nice pine to put in the new building that is for dining and events held at the orphanage. The kids were then able to celebrate on Christmas Eve with a great dinner of fried pork, followed by the joy of opening some gifts thanks to those who give to the orphanage. With some speakers in the spacious dining hall, it went from being a dinner to a party, and the children and staff alike were able to celebrate together.

Following Christmas, a team came down from Birmingham to serve the orphanage. They were able to go through the houses with Rolans and Friné to see what future teams can help work on, repair, or change, and took care of some construction clean up and yard work while at the orphanage. Unfortunately, on the way back to Cusco, the team’s van collided with a truck while coming around a curve. Nobody was seriously injured, and thank God that there was a missionary hospital some 10 minutes away where the doctors speak English, making it that much easier to make sure that the team was ok. We’ve seen it many times in Peru, but it was another reminder of how God provides and is bigger than all of us. The team was not discouraged at all by the accident and many hope to return soon, and we will be glad to host them once again!

In January the orphanage will receive members from a ministry in Cusco, Zona Zegura, as a professor from Covington Theological Seminary will be holding an intensive 4-day seminary course to train those working in ministry in the region, including our administrator. Two of the boys who have graduated from the orphanage, Raul and Haldair, will also have an eventful month as they will be trying out for the youth ranks of Cusco’s first division soccer team. Pray for everything that is coming up this month, and that the orphanage can become a place where the Gospel is taught and sent out, even if to a soccer tryout! 

Thank you for all of your support, and Village of the Children wishes you a Happy New Year and belated Merry Christmas! 

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