June-July 2016


Whew! It’s been a busy two months in Cachora, as the kids have had various groups visit, a new building being finished up, a school parade, a pizza party, and a camp 6 hours away in the town of Calca.

The summer(winter festival months here) kicked off with a visit from The Peeples family from Anderson, South Carolina, who came to help raise up house churches in Cachora. They visited the high school to share about love and relationships from a Biblical perspective. They also helped out with some things around the orphanage, including a member of the team, Raymond, chopping wood to start a fire in the oven...that was fun for the kids to watch in itself!

Work on the building continued even as the kids took off from school after exams and focused more on the parades that the schools do this time of year, and by the end of the July there was a roof on and the basic structure of the first building was nearly done. Some of the older boys even chipped in with helping mix the cement!

As July rolled around, a team from Zona Zegura with a group from Aledo, Texas, went to Cachora to have what seemed to have been the largest pizza party ever held in the town. The crown jewel of the party was a 5-foot-long pizza covered in meat, and by the end of the night there were still 20 small pizzas from the oven left over for which no one had any more room. The kids were able to even make their own personal pizzas, but there was so much pizza by the end, that maybe the kids will be content for some time before having another pizza party.

While the team was there, pizza wasn’t the only focus of their trip. The group hosted lessons with crafts for the kids and were also able to visit some house churches recently starting in Cachora, putting on a movie on one of the nights while in town. This all was leading up to the big event with the group, however, which was a camp two weeks later in Calca, an hour outside of Cusco.

The kids arrived to the camp to a welcoming tunnel of balloons and games, where they were then divided up by ages to participate in groups for lessons. Each child was also put on a team with a mix of different people and ages in the camp, which was their team for the ‘Olympic Games’ that were held at the camp. This way the kids weren’t simply at the camp isolated and learning, but spent time getting to know older mentors who are experienced in their faith. From the fun to the fundamental, the kids were able to enjoy an opportunity to grow with the Church that they don’t often get in Cachora, and they had a blast doing so.

It’s been a busy time these two months, but a great time. Please continue praying for our staff, the new building, and the kids as we move into the slower time of August. If you would like to visit or give to Village of the Children, please contact us via our website or facebook page. Thank you for all of your support and God bless!

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