September 2016


Hello again from Peru! It’s been a fairly quiet time at the orphanage, but there has been a few things going on. Most noteworthy is the addition of two new tutors who have been helping with the kids. There is something unique about these two though- Felix and Bielgui grew up as siblings in an orphanage founded by two American missionaries, and have felt called to work in missions. This has been a great opportunity for them, as they really identify with the kids and understand how an orphanage works, having grown up in one themselves. As a bonus- Felix drives pretty well and they both speak English fluently, having grown up with the American missionaries. They’ve been a great addition to the team and Rolans has been quite pleased that the two have been able to come in immediately and feel comfortable working everyday with the children and the staff.

The staff has also gone to visit the house church that is growing in Cachora to begin a series on the Gospel of John; when they went, Lucia, the wife of the couple who live in the small house at the Choquequirao trek’s trailhead, even invited some of their ‘neighbors’(one of them lives on the trail!). Hopefully they’ll be able to continue to disciple them.

The most exciting news this month, however, has been that the new mission center at the orphanage is almost complete! The builder and his team have been finishing laying tile, installing bathroom units, and are now even beginning to paint the building a bright white. The building should actually be done by the beginning of November! The only thing that is lacking is for the doors and windows to be installed.

Things are still moving along even if it hasn’t been a busy time in Cachora. With a number of teams coming later in the year, it’s nice for the staff to have a little respite before a big rush. Regardless, everyone is excited that the next time a team comes, they’ll actually be able to put the new building to use, and that is thanks to you! Thank you for all of the prayer and financial support that makes things like this possible, which slowly but surely help the orphanage grow and achieve its mission. Keep praying, giving, and coming!

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