Future Projects

New Building for Kitchen, Dining, Worship and Accommodations

We have began construction on a new building. This building will provide a full kitchen and multipurpose room where everyone can eat and worship together. It will also have two dormitory rooms where mission teams can stay and where some individuals that have skills or services to stay for longer periods.

Trade School

We are praying for the future of those graduating school and believe God has provided a vision to develop a Trade School. The Trade School would provide young adults with a skill they can use to sustain themselves in their culture, as well as provide a Bible Seminary to disciple those called into ministry.

Resources for New Believers

The main struggle faced with evangelizing in this area is that there are no resources for new believers to learn and grow in their knowledge of Scripture. Short-term mission trips can’t provide every resource needed, therefore, we need your support to provide Bibles and discipleship materials. If you feel led to contribute toward these types of materials you can specify that in your gift.

If you would like to donate to any of the above projects, please click here!